Not Even Will Smith Can Save This ‘Independence Day’ Takedown

Twelve years after Will Smith’s Captain Steven Hiller hit the big screen with his guns (and one-liners) blazing in Independence Day, the movie remains a summer favorite. The announcement of a 2015 sequel inspired Screen Junkies, the home of Honest Trailers, to take a serious look at the

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How to Personalize Your PC

How to Personalize Your PC 1. Personalize Your PC To get started, right-click on your desktop background and select Personalize. 2. Menu Options A Control Panel window will appear, giving you the ability to change your settings. 3. Change the Background Select Desktop Background to change your

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Community Post: Happy Birthday To The Bikini And Other Links

View this image ” Creators of bath salts, the bathroom product not the designer drug, are the real victims of this “zombie” apocalypse. – Man we should totally take over Ghana over lunch. Eight guys should be enough, right? – “Man you need to come back the mainland, we want to cast you in a

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