4 Famous Movie Lines That Were Improvised On Set

Via Starwarsforce.wordpress.com Keep that camera rolling, because inspiration can strike at any time! Here are four classic bits of movie dialogue that you never realized were completely unscripted. ‘I am your father.’ -Darth Vader (David Prowse) in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (1980) In the

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The 10 Movies Were Most Looking Forward to in 2017

More Guardians! More Alien! More Star Wars! Next year is going to be a big one for moviesso big that it was kind of hard to condense our list of must-see flicks into something shorter than Anna Karenina. But we did it! Below are our picks for the movies we (hopefully) won’t be able to take our

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‘Rogue One’ reshoots revealed: Here’s what changed in the movie

Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) had different on-screen introductions in the original cut.Image: Lucasfilm It has become a favorite parlor game among Star Wars fans: trying to figure out which scenes in Rogue One were added during the hit movie’s highly publicized

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