30 razones por las que sabes que trabajas en relaciones públicas

No me hablen hasta que me haya tomado mi tercera taza de café. 1. Así es como despiertas cada mañana: View this image ” Columbia Pictures / Via imgur.com 2. Esta eres tú antes de tu primer café: View this image ” Columbia Pictures / Via reddit.com 3. Tu segundo café: View

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This Unique Hotel In Tokyo Is A Must-See For Any Book Lover

The world “hostel” makes many people think of small, dingy hotels in western Europe…or possibly a very violent Eli Roth movie. The truth is, hostels can be a wonderful place to stay during a trip. More often than not, they are inexpensive. Not only that, but if you look hard enough, you can

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The 13 Most Dreamy Female Movie Heroines You Once Worshipped

1. Juliet as played by Claire Danes in Romeo + Juliet View this image ” giphy.com Even before this movie came out, you listed Romeo and Juliet as your favorite “book” (there’s a small chance you hadn’t actually read it), so when the world’s most romantic tale became a movie, it was the

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